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Frequently Asked Questions!

Where are your farms located?

All our products our grown on our farms at Kasunya, a suburb of the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Kasunya is located near more popular towns like Akuse and Asutuare. You can book a tour to visit our farms. You’re welcome!

Where are your products packaged?

Our products are fully packed in Accra, Ghana. All our packages are also designed in Ghana.

What differentiates Nana’s Rice from other local rice brands?

Nana’s rice clearly stands out among all local rice brands. Nana’s rice is grown with a meticulous farming process, fresh from the farm, carefully sorted to get rid of stones, dirt, husks and other impurities and beautifully packaged in our unique ‘smiling’ rice bags #HappyEating. Don’t forget to cook with less water.

Is it only rice that you grow?

No! In addition to rice, we grow sweet potato, chilli pepper, bell pepper, onion, cabbage, tomato and cucumber. We also produce delicious locally-grown chicken called Mama’s Chicken. Buy our products conveniently from our online shop. #HappyEating

Where can I locate a store near me?

Locate a store near you that has our products with our online store locator.

How can I sell/distribute your products?

It’s easy! Sign up as a distributor and you’ll receive our products in no time. As a distributor, you’re not alone; we’ll work with you by driving customers to your store(s). And we also guarantee you high returns.

Can I buy your farm produce in bulk?

Yes, you definitely can. We accept bulk orders from resellers, restaurants, hotels, etc for our farm produce. Place your custom bulk order that meets your requirements here!